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Why You Should visit Nepal Once in Your life time???

Nepal is beautiful Country situated in the lap of Great Himalayas Range. It is the Holy land where the light Of Asia Gautam Buddha was Born. The Natural scenaries of Nepal are so eye catching, everyone gets relaxed here and lured by it beautiful  nature.

Did you know that Nepal is also home to both the world’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, and the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest?

Why Do not you think that you should have Tour in Nepal once? Here are Top reasons why you should visit Nepal:

#1. Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddhaa

Gautam Buddha Was born in the Lumbini Of Nepal who spread the enlightment to the world. He is the reason why Buddhist reigion is in extistance. If you are practicing Buddhist or simply have a penchant for Buddhism and its history, knowing that Buddha was born here provides a great sense of peacefullness. The temples and other religious buildings in Nepal also channel serenity and deep faith of the Nepalese. Then, why this country should not be your next destination.

#2. Trekking in Nepal is awsome

You may wonder why Trekking in Nepal is awsome?? Because the trekking to watch the world’s highest mountains in real is more that you could have ever imagined. Not only this, Nepal’s trekking routes are popular because you they can win the heart of trekkers in no time.The Himalayas are too great and mighty to conquer so a lot of people usually just trek at the foothills, which already vary from easy to extra challenging. From the Annapurna and Everest Base Camp Trek to lake routes, Nepal is certainly the prime destination for trekking enthusiasts.The Manaslu Circuit Trek circumnavigates Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world.

#3. The calm and quiet place

If you are tired of your busy life, Then Nepal can be the best place to have rest of mind and heart. The most beautiful places are in the calm and quiet places as the Lumbini, Manang & Mustang, Ghale Gaun of Lamjung, Bandipur of Tanahun and many more. Nepal can be the perfect place for you if what you’re looking for is a short and temporary escape from the hustles in life.

#4. Unique Culture and Tradition:

Nepal is the only one county where all the people of different religion and culture live together in harmony like a garland of flowers. Interacting with the local Nepalese provides a glimpse of their lifestyle, beliefs and traditions that will surely enthrall you.

#5. Chance to taste New Food

Due to the diverse in the culture and tradition, the food that are available in Nepal is unique and taste good. If you are planing to visit Nepal do not miss the chance of tasting MO:MO, dhendo and Gundrauk, thakali food and many more. You will surely love the food that you will find in Nepal.

#6. Land of The Highest Peak of the World MOUNT EVEREST

#7. Nepal is affordable country with full of natural beauties.

#8. Most Beautiful city Pokhara lies in Nepal

#9. It is the only country where living Goddess Kumari lives.

#10. It is the peaceful country and safe for tourists

If you are planning to visit Nepal and its neighboring country come to famous tour and trekking in Nepal for complete arrangement of your tour in Nepal.

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