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Useful tips to travel around Nepal

Although we travel different places. Sometimes we make plans to travel and sometimes we don’t make any plans and we pack our bag and travel. So before travel, we have to know something that may help you during traveling. Some useful tips to travel around especially Nepal are:

Useful Tips to travel:

  • don’t trek alone. There are numerous
  • Food safety
  • Even if Nepal is understood for its pristine environment and wonder
  • Don’t offer cash to beggars that you simply see on the streets.
  • Take care to exchange back all the Nepalese currencies before you allow
  • Don’t bit someone’s head or sit showing the bottom of your feet towards them.
  • Don’t fully suppose schedules and times that are committed to you whether or not in verbal or written whereas you’re in Nepal.
  • Always be alert/aware of “Bandhs” (Strikes – wherever no transportation is allowed) as they’ll alter all of your travel plans well.
  • Don’t assume that “ganja” (marijuana) is legal in Nepal.
  • Don’t assume that once a Nepali says “yes” or shakes the top in the affirmation that it’s a done deal or they agree with you.
  • Keep one’s eyes off from dance bars in KTM and PKR.
  • If you’re aiming to apply for the Visa at the field, make certain to own passport size photo accessible.
  • All nightlife just about ends by ten pm with solely some places around the Thamel space that will keep open a touch later.
  • Bring a universal plug and voltage adapter kit for your electronics.
  • Keep in mind that there is also an entrance fee to a number of the common temples and public areas applicable solely to foreigners ranging anyplace from 250Rs – 700Rs.
  • Always have some paper and hand sanitizer with you in any respect times
  • Insist for a Running Meter within the Taxi.
  • Avoid displaying food around monkeys around temples, as they’re used to snatch it.
  • Support the NON-Plastic Initiative, please limit your use of plastic things, and help create Nepal a far better place.

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