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Upcoming festival Gai Jatra

Before jumping towards the festival and feast we have to know about its history and about it. We have attained this festival Gai Jatra many times since our childhood. If you are a member of the Newar family then you may have attained this festival since childhood every year. And if you are Non-Newar then also you may have attained this Gai Jatra festival once in your life. Have you ever thought about this festival? Why celebrate? Who is the founder of this festival? And many more…

About Gai Jatra

Literally, the word Gai means “Cow” and Jatra means “Festival”. Gai Jatra means Cow Festival. Cow Festival!! Yes, it is a cow festival, Jatra is the succession of cows. Generally, this festival falls in the month of Bhadra, which correspond to the English calendar months of  August/September. The Jatra is one of the most well-liked festivals of Nepal. Celebrated to decline the unhappiness from the death of the family members. Throughout the festival, cows get drilled in the streets. Folks also donate food to others. If the family cannot afford cow then the young child will dressed up, makeup and wear the mask of cow and be the part of Jatra.

This Jatra, a local festival so that this festival is celebrated in some cities of Nepal only. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kirtipur are four cities where this festival is celebrated. Every city has a different style of celebration but the main motto is the same.

History of Gai Jatra

King Pratap Malla who dominated Kathmandu from (1641-1674)AD initiated the festival as the simplest way to heal the sorrow of his woman after the death of their son. The concept behind the long procession was to assist her notice that several families within the town had also lost their admired ones that year. This expertise, he hoped, would ease her sorrow a little. Once the parade failed to facilitate, he’s same to possess declared an award for anyone who could bring a smile to her face. For this, he granted complete “freedom of speech” throughout the festival. Seeing the queen smile and laugh at the varied jokes and ridiculous dresses, others within the town took up the concept furthermore and began to obtain satirical performances in front of their homes furthermore.

King Pratap Malla, then faced with the challenge of fulfilling the Queen’s wish to bathe in numerous sacred stream confluences within the region. Being the mastermind, he was The King had the Rani Pokhari (Queen’s pond) designed and filled with water from all the sacred sites she wanted to visit. As you drive past, you’ll notice that the Rani Pokhari is drying up as folks in neighboring areas extract more and more groundwater.

Today’s Gai Jatra

Modern-day Gai Jatra added numerous flavors to the festival in consistency with ancient values, Pratap Malla had established. In the past once there was Shah’s regime, folks weren’t allowed to talk openly regarding the form of government and also the leaders in that. Gai Jatra, considered the day when folks get the liberty to speak, point and humor the system, government and also the leaders. Still, numerous comedy shows acts, and dramas will organize in several places together with televisions and radios. The special edition of newspapers, also printed on today with completely different cartoons and comedy articles.


Be with us to know more detail of Gai Jatra.

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