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Unimaginable Benefits of Trekking in Nepal (HIMALAYAS)

Nepal can be called land of Himalayas, there is no doubt. Similarly, Nepal is the home of eight highest mountains among fourteen highest mountains in the world. There is no doubt that Trekking in Nepal & climbing is one of most popular tourism adventure in Nepal and we have more than 150 trekking routes. There are more benefits that you get from Trekking in Nepal. Some of them are

#Unimaginable Benefits of Trekking in Nepal

  1. Fresh Air

Nepal is beautiful country with lots of natural scenes and natural environment. €When it comes to the trekking trails, you can really have best scenery in fresh environment. The air you breathe will be the purest free from harmful chemicals.

Away from the towns, on the open trail, the breeze rushes down from peaks over 8,000 meters tall, scraping the edge of the troposphere. Far from the industrial hive that is Kathmandu freshness can be felt as well as smelled and tasted.

  1. Exercise for body and mind

With trips lasting from one week to months long expeditions to untouched peaks, the way to traverse the Himalayas is with the very feet you are using today.  You have to carry all the things you need for you. Either way, just a week in the Himalayas will work all the muscles in your body. The first few days are the hardest no matter how much you train. You will forget the pain of trekking with the natural scenes and beauties as you climb up.

  1. Unique Culture

There is saying in Nepali “ATHITI DEVO VAVAH”. It means Nepalese are bounded by the culture that guests are God for us and treat with great hospitality. In the Himalayas region of Nepal, mostly Mongolian people stay whose faiths and belief are bounded by the Buddhist culture and tradition.

Most of the culture in the mountains is shaped by Buddhist beliefs. The religion drives daily lives with prayer flags and Mani stones (stones with prayers carved into them and then painted) as constant reminders of the interconnection of life and the will to treat others in kind. Each town has a monastery or two and these temples are meeting places as well as having religious significance. You will get chance to explore the natural beauties with the culture of Nepal.

  1. Stars and Moon

When the sun sets and if you planned your trip around a new moon, the display of stars at higher altitudes is breathtaking. Few places on earth rival the Himalayas for stargazing. To watch stars and moon at the world’s top place may be a most interesting experience you will get.

  1. Memories and change in yourself:

The last benefit of travel in the Himalayas is change. Few come home from Nepal, having trekked for weeks with time to walk and think, without some change in their persona. You will have the awesome memories that you will never and ever get in other corner of the world.

Most come home with ‘something’. A feeling. A memory. A way of looking at the world. Something is different

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