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Top Fascinating places to visit in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of the World’s most beautiful country, Nepal. Kathmandu carries long history of Nepal. Similarly, Places of Kathmandu Like Pasupati Nath Temple, Basantapur Durbar Square are enlisted it list of World Heritages. So, you must visit the beautiful places of Kathmandu to explore the history of ancient Nepal.

Global link and Tour is the top tour and travel agent which offer the best Kathmandu tour. The beauty of the Kathmandu valley will surely lure you. You may feel that the Kathmandu valley is clean and quite but you are wrong. As many people live here around 2 million due to which this city is bit crowdy and dusty. Be prepare for this.

Let’s see the

Top Fascinating places to visit in Kathmandu:

1. The Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square (aka Basantpur Durbar Square or Kathmandu Durbar Square)is located at the heart of bustling old town is surely the best place to start your exploration of Kathmandu.

Major attraction of Kathmandu Durbar Square:

  • Hanuman Dhoka, built around the 16th century, used to be the old Royal Palace
  • Another highlight of Kathmandu Durbar Square comprises one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world, renowned to be the source behind the name of Kathmandu.
  •  Chance to visiet the home to Kumari—the living virgin goddess! Dating back to the Middle Ages, the practice of worshipping a prepubescent girl as the incarnation of goddess Taleju is said to have been existed in Kathmandu.

If you visit Kathmandu, visit this wonderful place once surely you will enjoy.

Practical information: The entrance fee is NPR 1000 (US$ 10). If you are spending more than one day it Kathmandu, it is worth exchange your single-entry ticket with a multiple-entry pass. You will need a passport photo for doing this.

2. Boudha Stupa

Boudha Stupa is the holiest and most recognizable sites in Kathmandu. With a diameter of 120 meters it makes for the largest temple in Nepal.

Attraction of  Boudha Stupa:

  • Believed to be Probably built on the 14th century; there are many various legends about its construction.
  • Mystic place full of symbolism is also on the UNESCO list.
  • The stupa is built on an octagonal base, is surrounded by prayer wheels, and has colourful prayer flags draped from its 36-metre central spire.
  • The influx of large populations of refugees from Tibet has seen the construction of over 50 Tibetan Gompas (Monasteries) around Boudhanath.

Practical information: Boudhanath is is located about 11 km northeast of Kathmandu.The entrance fee is NPR 250 (US$ 3).

3. Garden of dream

Garden of Dreams offers you to stay away from the chaos of the Kathmandu valley .

Attraction of Garden of Dreams

  • This green oasis features gorgeous flowers, historic pergolas and murmuring fountains. The place has European touch and is incredibly peaceful.
  • Coming here is a guarantee of moments (or hours) in the fresh air and relaxing. Sometimes, people come here to have a picnic; there is a cozy cafe as well.

Practical information: It is two minutes’ walk from Thammel. The garden is open from 9 am to 10 pm. Entrance fee is NPR 200. (US$ 2).

4. Swayambhu Nath  aka Monkey Temple

Swayambhu is an ancient religious architecture atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, west of Kathmandu city.

Attraction of this temple:

  • This Buddhist religious monument is decorated with 20 kilograms of gold
  • Get there amazing 360-degree panoramas and the atmosphere is very special with many symbols.
  • There are several buildings and shrines in the complex – make sure to have enough time for exploration
  • It is a great place to watch the sunset or sunrise

Practical information: he entrance fee is NPR 200 (US$ 2).

5. Visit Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupati Nath temple is the most religious temple for the Hindus. Many people from India , Nepal and oether countries come to worship here. Believing that the lord fulfil their wishes.

Attracation of the Pashupatinath Temple

  • one of the most significant Hindu Temple in the entire Asia.
  • temple shares many interesting things if you’re keen to observe.
  • It’s really an incredible place to visit in Kathmandu and it will provide you a different perspective on the Nepalese culture.

Practical Information: Only Hindus are allowed to enter the Temple.

There are may other places to Visit In Kathmandu, they are Thamel, Rani Pokhari, Singha Durbar and many more.

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