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Responsible Tourism In Nepal

Tourism in Nepal has picked up a huge attention from various local and government bodies. People along with government have stepped forward to invest and work in tourism sector. Either for business venture or for social activities, more people are being engaged. Since 1960’s the revenue from tourism in Nepal has boosted the local economy playing a vital role in development of  transportation, education, finance, health and communication. As the number of foreigners who want to come to Nepal for tours and travel are increasing day by day, impact on the environment, nature, wildlife and people is increasing. Responsible Tourism is the only way in which the insanity of tourism in Nepal can be maintained.

Most of the foreigners who have heard about Nepal want to go trekking in Nepal at least once in their lifetime. Nepal is top trekking destination for travelers that focuses on providing the best travel services. The helpful behavior of the affectionate local individuals further promotes and enhances the tourism in Nepal. With all of that, many foreigners who come to Nepal for traveling and touring purposes need to consider some things while traveling and trekking in Nepal. And that is responsible tourism. A responsible tourism makes sure that their travelling or trekking does not leave negative impact.

Responsible Tourism is the Best Tourism

With the increase in the arrival rates of tourists, Nepal had to eventually understand and recognize that some ambitious measures need to be taken. Nepal needed to conserve, preserve and protect natural heritages that attract travelers from various corner of the world. Hence, Responsible Tourism started. Moreover, No one wants to visit a place filled with garbage left by the travelers who left at the time they visited the site.

Responsible Tourism Nepal

Government including several organizations have taken responsibility and started several initiatives to promote responsible tourism in Nepal. Tourists need to realize themselves that they need to care for others and the environment if they want to preserve the site for future generations to visit. People have secure living nowadays due to better education and jobs. They want to travel and visit every corner of the world. They are ignorant that a simple act of irresponsibility will make significant impact upon the place where we are traveling. Hence, the place once we loved to visit is no more visit able.

Either you are a traveler, trekker, mountaineer, tourist or researcher, you should have a mindset that being a responsible traveler is necessary. Intentionally, no one of us wants to ruin the environment or the natural habitat of many wild animals & birds. But  the actions we perform may leave a impact on them. Our future generations need to see what we have seen. Therefore, think before you act. Engage in responsible tourism and make this world a better place. We, Global Link Tours and Travel always encourage Responsible Tourism. And with that you not only enjoy your stay in Nepal, but also contribute to maintain the beauty of Nepal.

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