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Is Nepal Expensive to Travel?

Do you think cost of travelling in Nepal is expensive? You are both right and wrong. To speak genuinely, the answer is very ambiguous. But that really depends on several things like your mode of travel, where you stay or where you visit. Many factors can affect a traveler’s budget. You need to prepare to change your schedules if necessary. Let’s focus on the fact that why Nepal is cheaper to travel and how you can manage Nepal Travel Cost?

Nepal Travel Cost is Affordable

First of all, your tourist fee may vary according to your nationality. It depends if you are foreigner from SAARC or outside SAARC. You have to pay less charge if you are foreigner from SAARC than from other countries. The SAARC includes nation of India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Pakistan & Sri Lanka . The residents of these nations benefit by paying less amount of tourist fee as compared to other nations. But you do not need to worry as Nepal doesn’t charge much fees to anyone outside from the SAARC nations. No matter where you come from, you just need to follow the rules and regulations of Nepal, you will obviously enjoy the experience in Nepal.

What matters most in your Nepal Travel Cost is the specific trip package that you choose. Especially, Trekking in Nepal is a way cheaper and affordable than other trekking destinations where you have to pay hefty amount of money for trekking or other purposes. Trekking in Nepal packages like the Everest Base Camp Trek will obviously add to your budget.Purchasing adventure packages like bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving, zip flier,  and paragliding as they are way cheaper in Nepal than any other nation you are planning to travel. You don’t just have to spend your Nepal time just by having a look around, if you plan to go cheap. There’s a lot of other things which you can do without exceeding your budget goals for travelling to Nepal.

Experience the Trekking in Nepal at Affordable Cost

You must be wondering about the Hotels and accommodation while your visit to Nepal. It is not hidden that the common rate of 5-star hotels in Nepal will differ completely from one another. It will be good idea if you book your hotel prior to your Nepal visit. You can get comfy hotel rooms for accommodation in Thamel area of Kathmandu as per your budget. If you are a backpacker, you even have to pay less than regular rooms.

Food? You most be wondering that I have not still talked about food. As a matter of fact, Nepal holds one of the most delicious cuisines that come at a very low and affordable cost. You can’t miss Nepali food if you travel to Nepal. The typical local Nepali food in most of the Thakali restaurant will cost a maximum 3$ for veg and  4$ for non-veg, but the price may differ on the type of meat you choose. Other local delicacies like Momo, Thukpa and Chowmein is very popular not only with the natives but also toursists. These local delicacies can cost you as low as 1$. At that amount in Nepal, you can fill up your hungry tummies to the fullest.

Finally, your Nepal travel cost will depend a lot upon different factors. I have included most of them here. It will be of several use while either you Trek in Nepal or Travel to Nepal. Nepal never was and also never will be expensive for both the backpackers and the travelers.  Most noteworthy, Nepal is a friendly welcoming nation which open doors to everyone who wishes to come & get lost in its elegance. Contact us if you need any type of assistance. We are happy to help.

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