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How much time is enough to Climb Mt Everest?

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the Whole world.  So, it is the dream of Every man in this world to be on the top of the World. This highest peak attracts several climbers and trekkers who wish to gain a close up vie of the magnificent mountain.

We the top Everest Base Camp trek managing travel agency. We can see many of our Guest are lure by the Everest view and the magnificent views. Many of our guest ask us, “How much time is enough to Climb Mt Everest?”

Thus, considering this, fact we are going to answer to the question  that How much time is enough to Climb Mt Everest?

It will take about 7-9 weeks to complete the entire expedition to Everest, on an average.

Question: How long does it take to climb down from Everest?

Answer: You can reach the base camp about 6 days. But It will take you at least 40 days in total to reach the summit. Also, you will need more days to push the summit and about a week to return to home/Kathmandu.

# First Camp(6065m)

This camp is located right above Khumbu icefall in frighten and plain.  Camp 1 comprises of several deep crevasses and mountain walls. This places is a little warmer than the other ones that lie ahead. Travellers use this camp for resting.  Move forward to camp 2.

#Second Camp (6750m)

Camp 2 is situated in the lap of mountain Lhotse. This is safe for shelter. Climbers can experience amazing view of Lhotse. This camp is used by almost all companies to set up their main climbing camp.

#Third Camp (7100m)

On a small ledge on the Lhotse wall, you will be there on camp 3. You need a rope to climb of the wall.  You can find the camp 4 behind the wall measure 4000m. The route is pretty safe.

#Fourth Camp(7920)

Climber can move ahead without the use of supplementary oxygen. There are two rock sections to navigate before camp 4: Phyllis and semi schist rocks and Geneva Spur. They have to set up with fixed ropes.

#The Summit(8848 m)

Finally, you are on the top of the world. You have to move southwest of the ridge. The ridge is steep and snowy and has a convenient resting platform. For safety, the entire route is protected with fixed ropes.

Challenges to the climber to reach Base camp

  • Have to survive on very less oxygen,
  • Environment will be below freezing.
  • Carrying gears will make more difficult
  • Highly uncomfortable clothes usage
  • Have to cross the first deathly obstacle, Khumbu icefall that has taken lives of hundreds of climbers
  • Physically weak as  climber will feel sleep deprived, hungry, and combating frostbite
  • Possible accidents like snow avalanche or altitude sickness

You can reach the base camp after walking about 6 hours and may take longer.

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