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Motor Cycle tour

Motorcycle Tour through the culture rich country of Nepal. On beautiful roads that balance nature and adventure. Our guided trip offers an interesting cross section of the Buddhists society as well as the majestic bounty of the Himalayas. Nepal hosts eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, and its geography is rich interspersed with torpid lakes and rivers. You will be taken on a Royal Enfield Bullet or any other Bikes through the scenic mountain paths and experience breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes, and rustic village settings.

The bikes are relics of India’s colonial past that are still rolling off the production line today, almost unchanged over the past 60 years. The Bullet is a brand-new classic motorcycle that, more than any other motorcycle, makes the journey itself our destination.
Nearly all of the roads in Nepal are paved and in surprisingly good condition – and that in a region that was virtually untouched by tourism until just a few years ago. Nepal is sandwiched between northern India, Tibet and spectacular Himalayan peaks.

Discover the Nepal on the Roads of Katmandu

Climate in Nepal:
Expect sunny weather with daytime highs of 15° to 30°C, with night-time temperatures ranging from below freezing to 20°C, depending on the altitude and weather conditions. Chances of rain in February, March, October and November are around 5%, with good to excellent visibility. There are no guarantees against freak weather conditions, of course. UV radiation is extremely high due to the clear air. Be sure to take plenty of sunscreen.

Road conditions along the Nepal motorcycle tour route:
During the bike tour, We will mainly be taking quiet country roads and narrow, often dizzying mountain passes. Over 90% of the roads are paved, and are mostly in surprisingly good condition. We will occasionally encounter badly deteriorated paved roads, potholed gravel roads and unpaved mountain tracks. You should, however, always be alert to occasional potholes, rough surfaces, and loose gravel in curves, even on well-paved roads. The flexible, considerate driving style of the locals makes it easy to adjust to driving on the left and coping with the seemingly chaotic traffic conditions. The behavior of pedestrians and cyclists, and the frequent presence of animals on the road call for considerably more attention, however. Extreme caution is required around children.

Please bring your own protective clothing and helmet. Also be sure to bring your wet-weather gear to help ensure that it won’t rain. Other helpful items: A flashlight – ideally a headband-mounted one. A Leatherman tool or Swiss army knife can be useful. Sunglasses are essential. A personal drinking bottle is also very convenient.
The Enfield motorcycles are equipped with sturdy leather saddlebags. We nevertheless recommend a waterproof daypack for your most essential items, or a tail bag with mounting straps that will let you easily remove everything from the bike and take it with you anytime.
You should keep drugs (diarrhea and cold medication, vitamins, etc.) and other personal items (sun blocker, insect repellant) within convenient reach. On the topic of medication, a shot of Jägermeister, Fernet Branca or a similar herbal digestive can work wonders in case of problems with the local cuisine. These are not available locally, so please stock up at home if you have a sensitive stomach.

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