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How to hire guide for trekking in Nepal?

Either you hire a guide through an agency or find an independent guide, it is very important to ask the guide – and also yourself – the right questions. You will be spending days or weeks with this person and you will be paying them a lot of money. Make sure that you’ve got the right guide for your journey. In this article, we explore how to hire guide for trekking in Nepal.

#1 – Are your trekking guides licensed and insured?

In Nepal, all independent guides and agency guides are required to be registered with some local authority and the government. Your guide should provide valid, up-to-date proof that they comply with local regulations. It is a small step that shows your guide is a professional and not simply someone who is making extra cash as a side job.

In addition to credibility, this information on your guide is valuable in the unlikely event when you run into any problems on the trek. If you hire guide for trekking in Nepal, then you should know that your trekking guide is on the radar of local authorities and has insurance will obviously give you peace of mind.

#2 – How experienced is this trekking guide in Nepal?

Most of the trekking guides in Nepal start out as porters, who learn the trail, improve their language & client-facing skills, and then begin leading their own treks. You must find out how many times they have guided a trek. It helps in two regards – both confidence and network.

You need a trekking guide who is confident with the trail, direction, distances, and most importantly safety. An inexperienced trekking guide is unable to spot AMS in their clients, spot weather changes, or estimate distances. An experienced guide brings a lot of confidence to the trekking in Nepal and can be the leader when you need.

Guides with better networks will make your tour in Nepal smooth. They know which restaurant / teahouse /guesthouse / camp they’ll use make evenings easier and likely will lead to higher quality. If you run in any problem, the speed and ease in which they are resolved matters.

#3 – Can we communicate?

Many professional guides go to great lengths to learn languages. Unfortunately, the language skills typically fall on the guide but they certainly don’t have to. Learn some words and phrases in their language and force yourself to use them on the trek. You’ll improve your communication & win the respect of your guide.

Hire Guide for Trekking in Nepal

#4 – What do they do in the off-season?

You can know more about the life of your guide. It also gives a better sense of who is spending time with you.

Also, it provides insight into whether or not your trekking guide can hold a conversation, particularly about something they know. If you’re able to have a productive talk about their life, it’s likely you won’t have any problem chatting on the trail.

#5 – How many people are on the trek?

Treks are really fun with other people. But it is important to know how many other people and who will be joining your trekking adventure. The more people on the trek, the trek is less expensive. You can share the cost of a guide between the trekkers.Also, the number of trekkers affects the attention that you get from the trekking guide.

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