Go Green During this month Shrawan:the Holy month of Ritual and Festival

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Go Green During This Month Shrawan : The Holy Month of Ritual and Festival

The month of Shrawan has begun and then has the festival within the month of Shrawan; referred to as Shrawan Sankranti. The Sankranti marks the end of paddy plantation in Nepal and gets folks able to celebrate the festive occasions. The fourth month in traditional Nepali Hindu calendar followed in Nepal and a few other surrounding places of the country. In 2018, Nepali Shrawan month begins on 17 July and ends on 16 August 2018. This can be the 2075 Hindu year in Bikram Panchang of Nepal.

Shrawan month is taken into account as the holiest month of the year for Hindus and every Somvar of this month referred to as Shrawan Somvar is a special occasion in Shiva temples. For girls this month is all concerning Mehendi and green/yellow Chura. Every Monday particularly ladies take fast and dedicated to Lord Shiva for the aim of gifting a long and prosperous life to their husband. On that day they visit the temples of Lord Shiva.

This is the foremost busy month in our culture. It starts with Shrawan Sankranti that is that the time once all the married daughters are invited to house for a feast and upcoming festival Dashain. We celebrate Gathyanmugal. Celebrated to recollect the death of “Ghantakarna”. Another special day we celebrate is that the Naag Panchami where everybody puts the image in their entrance door with the help of holy cow dunk.

Highlights of this month Shrawan in 2075 B.S

  • Shrawan Sankranti
  • Gathyanmugal
  • Naag Panchami
  • The market is colorful with green, yellow, and red color Chura, Poti, and dresses.

Shrawan month is the green month.

With the come back of Shrawan, green is leading not only the nature but also the wrists of Nepalese Hindu girls. Each the married and single girls choose to load their hands with red, green and yellow bangles and embellish their palms with attractive styles of Mehendi. The married girls wear green bangles and beautify their palms with Mehendi for good fortune and prosperity of the family. Whereas single ladies place it as a prayer for his or her happiness and a life as colorful and deep as the Mehendi itself.

They treat themselves fully in the greenery and sanctity of the Shrawan month.

Rituals of Shrawan

Shrawan Sankranti:

The festival of Shrawan Sankranti is the first day of the month Shrawan. It’s a cheerful exercise once the busy period of the rice plantation. Married daughters and sisters will be invited and celebrate along by feeding on a variety of festival foods.

In the evening, folks perform “Luto Phalne” ritual by burning wood and a plant referred to as titepati and throwing them away yelling “Luto Laija”  to keep off the illness of itch and the skin sensation.

Shrawani Sombar:

After the bath and different cleansing tradition, the fast starts at sunrise on Monday. Lord Shiva is prayed to by singing “Om Namah Shivaya” and giving Bilva leaves, white flowers, water, honey, and milk. The Followers visit Pashupatinath temple and alternative Shiva temples in the morning and the evening; and also learn Shiva Purana within the day. Once praying to Lord Shiva, the fast is broken in the evening.

Every Monday of this, referred to as Shrawani Sombar, discovered with harshness and loyal to worship Lord Shiva. Followers pile the linga high with Bel leaves, and flowers, sing the Shiva mantra and fast till sunset. 16 Mondays fasting also begins from the very first Sombar of this month. It’s believed that those that observe Sombar fasting can have their needs fulfilled and can be blessed knowledge.

Both men and women take fast to please Lord Shiva. The married girls take fasting to achieve prosperity and an extended, peaceful family life and unwedded girls to achieve eternal blessing from Lord Shiva permanently life partner.

Sombar fast also has a scientific reason as monsoon is at its high and there’s less daylight, it makes digestive system weak. Therefore fasting at least once during a week helps to keep up physiological condition.

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