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How much is Everest climbing fees????

Everest is the dream for anyone to climb and to be in the top of the Everest. Many people wonder that how much is the Everest climbing fees? Thus, considering this facts Top trekking provider in Nepal are giving you the details of the Everest climbing fees.

Let me describe you the  Everest climbing fees

There are 2 routes one can take to get to the top of the Mount Everest.

From Nepal – South
From Tibet – North
The total cost will be almost $ 40, 000/- to  $55,000/- Per person, No matter which route you take.


Before they can ever set foot on the mountain, a climber must first obtain a climbing permit from the government of Nepal or Tibet, depending on which route they’re climbing.

For logistical and support purposes,

  • Permit costs from Nepal US$11,000.
  • From Tibet, cost is about about US$ 9,950.


Cost includes:

  • hiring a liaison officer to join them in base camp,
  • a basic medical-support fee (contributing to the cost of installing ropes on the mountain)
  • refundable deposit for the removal of trash and human waste.


To reach the Everest Base Camp takes time and money.

  • Porters and yaks are needed to carry the gear on the week-long trek,
  • climbers will need to eat and stay in tea houses on the way to Base camp


  • One climbing Sherpa to each of their clients to ensure they stay safe on the mountain, at a cost of $5,000 per person. A few teams will even provide two Sherpas for each climber as a safety measure.
  • Additionally, clients must pay for the bottled oxygen used by their Sherpas, which can run upward of $3,000.


  • $2000 for  camps stocked with supplies and support staff adds significantly to the price.
  • Additionally, climbers pay roughly $800 each for six weeks’ worth of food for their meals.


  • Bottled oxygen are major thing during the climb. On average, Climbers use five bottles to reach the top, at $550 per bottle.
  • They will also need an oxygen mask and regulator, which cost about $500 each.

GEAR: $7,000

Most climbers will need to buy additional high-altitude gear for their climb, including a down suit, sleeping bag and boots.


There are a variety of miscellaneous expenses that add up quickly too.

Cost includes:

  • These include travel costs to Kathmandu,
  • emergency-rescue insurance,
  • visas, immunisations and tips for the cooks and Sherpa’s.

These expenses can vary wildly, but add significantly to the entire price of the climb.

Although Climbing Everest fees is expensive, yet hundreds still do it each year. This is because they want the experience on the top of the World and full-fill their dream.

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