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Enjoy the different views of the Swayambhu Tour

Historical believes about the Swayambhunath

We have heard many stories about the Swayambhunath stupa. How it evolve? What are the beliefs of people? and many more. Likewise, one story is very famous among us. Our Legend says once the Kathmandu Valley was a lake that Swayambhu hill existed as an island. On high of that hill stood a natural crystal stupa. Once lord Buddha visited the place, declared that it had been a wish-fulfilling stupa and whoever is touched by the wind that passes over stupa will receive the seed of liberation from the cycle of existence.

Later on, a Buddhist monk from China who was an emanation of the information Buddha Manjushri drained the lake and then created the crystal stupa accessible for folk. These days it’s protected against thieving by the dome-shaped structure. Throughout the centuries infinite Buddhist masters from India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and China have visited the stupa. Swayambhu implies that Self-Manifested or Self-Sprung.

This is the short description of the says which we heard from our ancestors and also we are conveying this to our next generation.

If you really want to know more about Swayambhu then take a tour

Climb a bit hill to the attractive Swayambhu stupa same to possess been self-created in past and learn the history this distinctive wonder. kicked off on a ride to Swayambhu stupa complex settled at the north-west of Kathmandu valley. The name Swayambhu translates to ‘the self-created one.’ It’s also known as the monkey temple because the forest around the temple is colonized by several monkeys. Walk around the temple complex and observe ancient rituals of the devotees. Also, capture the impressive views of Kathmandu vale from the brow. Swayambhunath is one amongst the holiest Buddhist Chaityas in Nepal. This stupa is that the oldest of its kind in Nepal and has varied shrines and monasteries on its premises. It’s positioned on the highest of the west flank of Kathmandu and is one amongst the foremost common, mysterious, and characteristic symbols of Nepal.

The golden tower of Swayambhunath stupa crowns a woodsy hammock and offers a desirable read of Kathmandu town. There are 365 steps leading up to the Temple that believed to be the self-created within the 5th century. The architectural fantastic thing about Swayambunath Temple offers you may fulfill you with a serene and humble feeling. The stupa consists of a dome at the bottom and a cubical structure with the eyes of Buddha looking to any or all four directions.

Take day tour or night it’s your decision

During day tour

During daytime, if you take a tour you can see greenery around you. Lots of people and shining tip of the stupa. You can view the Kathmandu city view from there and you will see the city is covered by the houses. Not only this in morning time you can see many people visit this place for a morning walk and also for worship. If you are interested in religious stuff then you can lit the Diyo (candle) and take a tour around Swayambhu. If you are wondering what you will see then let me tell you.

At first, you will see stupas and idols of Lord Buddha which is quite placed but you will find lots of monkies there which may irritate you. After that walk upstairs to the next stupa of Swayambhu. If you are a local tourist then you can go without any cost otherwise you have to pay some entry charge. Then you can see small pond where people throw coins and make a wish. Don’t worry if you don’t have a coin with you, you can exchange from aunty right beside you. Make a wish and throw that to the pot there if that coin goes inside the pot then your wish may come true. After that, there are two ways where you want to visit first one stair goes to the Buddha stupa and another goes to the temple which is worshipped as Saraswati goddess.

Way you choose

Normally, people go to Saraswati temple during occasion otherwise people don’t go there. So take next rout i.e. towards stupa. Take right stairs and climb. If you are lucky enough then you can get chance to watch how the monkies take bath and play. When you reach the top then there you can see lots of small stupas, photographs, and  a big stupa. Travel around there and the mantra which is played there make your mind and soul peace. From there you can see the view of Kathmandu valley.


Now you may think when you can see everything during day tour so why to take night tour?

Yes, what you are thinking is correct. When you see everything during daytime why to travel at night. But what as we say don’t decide by its look examine and then decide. Likewise, you won’t know until you go. If you take a tour during night time you will see exactly what you see as the day tour. Nothing will change but one thing will change the light. Night time obviously dark time so light on the way. The big orange light changes the whole looks of the Swayambhu Stupa. Not only the looks change you can see the twinkling and busy Kathmandu Valley from there. Less number of people, peaceful environment, and mind-blowing view of Swayambhu Stupa and Kathmandu Valley.


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